Monu George Varghese

I am Monu George Varghese currently doing my master's in Germany. I had wonderful experience from study outlook thiruvalla as a student for both IELTS and German language. The overall study environment is very friendly with attention and support from the staff. The language training is provided by experienced faculties who thoroughly covers all the sections like reading, writing, listening and speaking. I am very satisfied and happy as a student from this institution.

Juliana Biju

I am forever grateful to study outlook for guiding me throughout the application process of my higher studies. I did my IELTS coaching at study outlook and I really loved the way the classes were taken. I could score 8/9 after a 1.5 months of coaching. I am a person who went to 3 different consultancies for my counseling before study outlook and the reason why I fixed my mind with study outlook is because the service was very transparent and convincing. I could get into the university I wanted as my first preference. I always would recommend my friends and family to study outlook.

Anith Shaji

I am currently pursuing my masters in Information Engineering at Rhine – Waal University of Applied Science, Germany. It was actually a dream come true. I got to know about the chance of studying abroad with a scholarship through an advertisement in the newspaper given by Study Outlook. I got a good score for IELTS and German through them. Sudha Madam and Biju Sir further helped me in getting my visa. I am very thankful to them for the expert guidance and support rendered. The entire process was hassle free and smooth. I wish them all the success in future.


Study outlook classes were really helpful as it provided tips and patterns which were otherwise unknown to me. Individual attention and good materials provided are other highlights.


I'm glad that I was able to get a good score in the IELTS exam. It was only possible because of the well structured course provided by Study Outlook. Daily sessions of speaking, listening, writing and reading instilled confidence in me. I thank the institute for guiding and assisting me in my pursuit towards a good IELTS score.


I would like to recommend Study Outlook for IELTS coaching and abroad studies as the support provided to me by the staff was really excellent. The coaching was superb, good infrastructure and friendly. I got my visa to France for doing a Masters degree through Study Outlook. The processing was hassle free and quick.


I reached Canada on a study visa to study Hospitality Management. I did my IELTS coaching at Study Outlook, Karingachira. Within three weeks of excellent training by Nitsa Ma'am I was able to get an overall score of 6.5. Within two months time I got my Visa and everything was smooth and easy. Now I am in Canada enjoying my classes and part-time job. Living in Canada gives you a wonderful experience. Thanks to Study Outlook!


I got my student visa to Germany. I did my ielts and german language coaching at Study Outlook. The guidance, support and entire processing was smooth. I recommend Study Outlook for your bright future


Actually i had no idea where to apply for my higher studies . I came to know about study outlok through my friend. i did my IELTS coaching there with great assistance from Nitsa mam. Geetha mam explained everything in detail about all countries and i found france more approporiate for me . After confimation of country they collected all documents and started processing, Everything went well and ended up in recieving visa on time with genuine paperworks and proper guidance. I thank and recommend Study Outlook for Ielts coaching and Visa assistance.


Study Outlook provides good training. Faculties are cooperative and experienced. I recommend Study Outlook for Training as well as Overseas Educaiton needs. I got my visa to study in France through them. Best wishes to Study Outlook.

Anitta Ann Joseph

I am really grateful to be a part of “Study Outlook” Academy. I would like to thank the faculty members who helped me to enhance my skills in English. I enjoyed my classes and practice sessions very much. This institution had met my expectation in good infrastructure, assistance and friendly approach.

Rahul K Sunil

Its been about one month I am studying at Study Outlook and to be honest I am satisfied with coaching given by this institution. I am happy with the good faculty and the study materials provided by this institution.

Jisha Joy

If you want to learn the best German, then it is the best place. The institution is gifted with talented and awesome teachers. Very friendly atmosphere, staffs are so helpful. I always feel proud to say that I have studies at Study Outlook.

Adith Philip K

I have been attending German A1 & A2 classes at Study Outlook and I have to say that its been one of the best experiences I have had. The kind of support and care I got from the faculty was exceptional. Study Outlook helped me get a strong foundation in the language and I am grateful to Study Outlook for helping me throughout my studies.

Stanly Varghese John

Study Outlook is one of the best institute for IELTS coaching. Lot of study materials and excellent teaching. Separate class rooms for each modules also provide individual coaching.

Aksa Elsa Babu

“Study Outlook “ is a very helpful institution for me to attend my IELTS exam. They are offering a plesent atmosphere for all the students studying here. The classes are very interactive and the faculties are very friendly. Study Outlook made me confident to attend the exam in a short time. Thanks to study outlook.

Jisha Anie Jiji

I joined Study Outlook for the coaching of IELTS. I got to know this institute y my friend. This institution is very much helping me from the first day itself. The teaching process is done in a ordered manner. Everyday all the four sections have different timings and accordingly it is done. The teachers pay very good attention to everyone and also help us with any doubts. I really like the teaching process in Study Outlook. Study outlook is helping me to improve my skills.


Study Outlook has helped a lot of students and acted as a backbone for the growth of students. All teaching staffs are very friendly and free to interact with them in any of our needs. Study Outlook has helped me in achieving my goal.

Esther Mariam

I could say gladly that Study Outlook is an effective coaching center for IELTS. The materials provided here are useful. Separate sections and evaluations are done in a way to boost the students. Also, the faculties are friendly and supportive.

Carren Shaji Thomas

Study Outlook has been a very helpful medium in giving me the right coaching for IELTS and preparing me for my exam. The classes have been very interactive lead by friendly staff. I can say I am satisfied with the classes. Thanking you Study Outlook.

Albin Joy

I came to Germany for my Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Business through Study Outlook. They helped me in selection of my Course and College, and supported me to get my visa without any difficulties. I wish them all the best. I also recommend Study Outlook for IELTS coaching and Abroad processing.


Excellent German language training with experienced faculties and amiable learning environment. I have studied upto B1 level from Study Outlook and I am personally very satisfied with this institution. They provide mock tests and study materials which are very useful for appearing for the examination. I got admission to one of the reputed universities in Germany through Study Outlook. The processing was smooth and fast.


I got my Visa to study MSc International Business through Study Outlook. They provided German language coaching and assisted me in the entire processing from course selection to getting my Visa. The process was hassle free and very supportive. Thanks to Study Outlook.